Supply of Ambulances – R ( 1 pieces )

Urban Development Department : Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Minimum Average Annual Turnover of the Bidder : 3 Lakh (s)
  • OEM Average Turnover (Last 3 Years):  3 Lakh (s)
  • Years of Past Experience required:  1 Year (s)
  • Past Performance:  10 %
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Brand Type:  Registered Brand
  • Generic Vehicle parameters: Type of Ambulance-  Type B (as per clause 3.3.2 of AIS:125 Part-1), Category of Vehicle – M2, Type of Fuel – Diesel,  Vehicle Emission Compliance – BS VI,  Vehicle Mileage ( declared by OEM as certified by Test Agency under Rule 115of CMVR 1989) (Kmpl): 19.06 – 50.0 Or higher,  Acceleration(0-70KmPH) – Less than 21.47 Or lower,  Air Conditioning – NA for without AC,  Engine BHP – More than 44.0 Or higher, Engine Torque Max (N-m)- More than 110.0 Or higher,  Type of Vehicle Body- Monocoque,  Gross Vehicle Weight –  More than 1885.0 Or higher,  Vehicle Transmission System – Manual,  No of Speed/ Forward Gears-  5,  Type of Wheel drive – Two Wheel drive,  Type of Steering – Manual,  Turning Radius – Less than 4300.0 Or lower
  • Ambulance Body: Number of Seats (including driver) – 6,  Number of stretcher-  1
  • Environment Testing: Warranty Time – 24.0, Warranty Distance (or warranty time, whichever earlier) – 72000.0,  Battery Warranty – 12.0

Delivery Days: 120

Bid End Date/Time : 22-03-2021 16:00:00

Document Required :

  • Experience Criteria, Past Performance ,Bidder Turnover, Certificate (Requested in ATC),OEM Authorization Certificate, OEM Annual Turnover *In case any bidder is seeking exemption from Experience / Turnover Criteria, the supporting documents to prove his eligibility for exemption must be uploaded for evaluation by the buyer
  • Scope of supply (Bid price to include all cost components) : Only supply of Goods
  • The bidder or the OEM of the offered products must have ISO 9001 certification.

Procurement under this bid is reserved for purchase from Micro and Small Enterprises from the State of Bid Inviting Authority whose credentials are validated online through Udyog Aadhaar for that product category. If the bidder wants to avail the reservation benefit, the bidder must be the manufacturer of the offered product in case of bid for supply of goods. Traders are excluded from the purview of Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises. In respect of bid for Services, the bidder must be the Service provider of the offered Service. Relevant documentary evidence in this regard shall be uploaded along with the bid in respect of the offered product or service.

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