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Construction Invites Latest Uttar Pradesh tender for Construction, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 43 MLD capacity Main Pumping Station & 21.5 MLD S.B.R. Based S.T.P. consisting of pumping station , Primary Treatment Units, Biological Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Process Units, Chlorination Units, Sludge Dewatering Units, fiber disk filter unit, Treated Effluent Disposal Channel, Interconnecting Piping with required Gates & Valves, Roads & Pathways, Plant Drains & Storm Water Drains, Boundary Wall and other Miscellaneous Works etc. complete including all associated Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Works as follows-\n1. Receiving Chamber\n2. Coarse Screen Channel\n3. Raw sewage sump\n4. Pump House\n5. Deodorization Facility\n6. Inlet Chamber\n7. Fine Seceen end and Grit Combined unit\n8. SBR Basins\n9. Fiber Disk Filters\n10.Chlorination Tank & Cholrinator cum chlorine Tonner House\n11. Treated water Tank\n12. Sludge sump & Pump House\n13. Combined thickening and dewatering machine house \n14. SBR Air Blower House /MCC & Control Building \n15. HT Subation\n16. DG set House\n17. Security cabins\n18. Compound wall \n19. Road \n20. Stromwater drains\n21. Interconnecting Piping & Appurtenances\n22. Electrical Works(Including HT as well as LT Works) and instrumentation Works\n23. Mandatroy additional items for aesthetical appearance of overall plant\n24. Other Relevent items/Materials required for the completion of Work if any We keep on tracking the best tenders for your business and You can get notified of Govt tenders that are issued by the Municipal corporation.So give us a Call on 91-82004 78492 and assist your bidding or visit to know more about us.

Last Date of Submission of this Tender is 17-06-2021

Estimated Tender Value of this Tender is 44.15 Crore /-

For more information you can visit TDR:28096186

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