Bids Are Invited For Insulation Kit By Department Of Heavy Industry

Latest Uttar Pradesh Tenders are invited by Department Of Heavy Industry for purchase of INSULATION KIT FOR WINDING AS PER ANX. -3Ph/Wind_ Ins_ 6531/191027 REV0(29 ITEMS) HV & LV WIND ST-62 , INSULATION KIT MAIN ASSEMBLY (6531KVA TRFR) ANX – 3Ph/Assy_ Ins_ 6531/191027 Rev0(19 ITEMS) ST-627728 , INSULATION KIT FOR GOD (6531 & 7775 KVA TRFR) ANNEX-3Ph/GOD_ Ins/191027 Rev00 (7 ITEMS) TO ST-627729 ,INSULATION KIT FOR SOD (6531 & 7775 KVA TRFR) ANX-3Ph/SOD_ Ins/191027 Rev0(7 ITEMS) ST-627730 Total Quantity : 800 on priority basis.

The due date of this bid is 13-05-2021

estimated contract value is 5.31 Crore

More details are available on TDR : 27730211, Tender 247

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