Supply And Replacement Of Exide Make 110V Battery Set With 55 Nos. 2V 200Ah Lead Acid Tubular Batteries At Sheetla Hydro Power Station, Moth, Jhansi. , 01 Set Of 110 V Lead Acid Stationary Cells Each Set Of Consisting Of 55 Nos. 200Ah, Tubular Type Cells (2 Volt Each) In Transparent San Container Completed With Tubular Positive Plates, Negative Plates, Lids, Vent Plugs, Bolts & Nuts, With Irit, Electrolyte Of Sp. Gr. 1.220 Sufficient For Battery Set, Wooden Battery Stand With Acid Proof Paint Etc. (Make Exide) (55 Cells) , Dismantling Of Old Battery Set & Installation Of New Battery Set , Buy Back Of Old Batteries

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Uttar Pradesh

November 04, 2023

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